Strategic legal advisory
and high specialty litigation

despacho de abogados especialistas

We are a high specialty law firm in Mexico fully dedicated to solving legal problems. We attend the legal needs of businesses and companies alike from a multidisciplinary perspective, incorporating technology and strategic thinking to each solution process in our legal practice. Our team´s talent and expertise are funneled through Applied Legal Engineering.

@ ELAN LEGAL, “we make it personal”.

What is Applied Legal Engineering?

Is the application of legal knowledge from a scientific and adaptative perspective channeled to determine the best strategy to put into practice, either for achieving an objective on behalf of a client or to champion a given cause.

How we do it?

By designing tailored solutions to each case appointed to us, solutions that solve the root of the problem from an effective and commercially viable standpoint.

At ELAN LEGAL, we have developed our expertise in specific legal practice areas with which business owners and entrepreneurs relate themselves in their everyday activities: International trade and customs, Maritime and port law, Tax and administrative litigation, Corporate, commercial and compliance law, Tax and social security taxation, International taxation, Administrative and regulatory law, Labor law, Intellectual Property and Cross-border transactions.

We solve problems. Our multidisciplinary perspective allows us to design bespoke integral solutions that tackle the root of legal problems presented to us, avoiding future contingencies through strategic advisory and high specialty litigation.

We are passionate about law and technology. Our talent and experience are funneled in our work processes and we strive to implement technologic tools and constant innovation in the development of our processes and services to create a unique user experience which conveys trust and compromise with your legal interests.

We are experts in what we do.

We have been educated in the best universities and we strive to be at the forefront in the state of the art of legal expertise and the needs of our clients. Society evolves in a daily basis and we prepare for tomorrow´s challenges by consolidating today´s knowledge.

We continually advise people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, businesspeople and owners from all levels, private investors, small and medium companies (even big corporations), scientists, artists, design agencies, startups, shipowners, oil corporations, importers, exporters, even government.


  • International trade and customs
  • Maritime and port law
  • Tax and administrative litigation
  • Corporate, commercial and compliance law
  • Tax and social security advisory
  • Labor law
  • International taxation
  • Administrative and regulatory law
  • Intellectual property
  • Cross border transactions