Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (software, confidential commercial information, patents, trademarks, logos, etcetera) are part of a company´s assets and may be of vital importance to determine the prosperity or downfall of a business. Intellectual property is also present in international deals and subject to tax obligations.

Intellectual property is the legal discipline regarding protection of inventions and works resulting from human creativity, to which one has the right to apply for protection via trademarks, patents, copyright, and others.

A legal framework has been constructed to protect human creations, as such creations can be translated into economic terms and are of utmost importance to the development of societies and companies alike.

We consider the human mind the most complex machine ever to be built, and its creations are to be treasured. Hnece, we are convinced that intellectual property services to protect such creations is more than required, as information is crucial nowadays.

Some of the services we offer are the following:

  • Intellectual property contract analysis.
  • Copyright defense against piracy.
  • Trademark protection and patent infringement procedures.