Maritime and Port Law

Our Firm developed this practice area as a response to inquiries from our clients and an unattended niche in the market, as importers and exporters alike face issues from shipping companies moving their goods overseas. Moreover, we have developed experience providing advisory in maritime matters to shipping companies alike for navigating the complexities of Mexican law.
Mexico has boundaries with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in its shorelines. With a clear maritime vocation and its privileged geographic position, Mexico is a common channel to different commercial and transit activities connecting various destinations and trade routes, including shipping companies, maritime lines, forwarding agencies, cruise lines, yachts and recreative boats, to name a few.

Our services in this area are the following:

  • Advisory involving shipping acquisitions.
  • Advisory and negotiation of contracts for ship usage (bareboat charter, time charter, voyage charter, and others).
  • Maritime and naval mortages.
  • Transport contracts.
  • Customs procedures and authorizations.
  • Collisions, ship sinking and other vessel accidents overseas.
  • Limitation of liability procedures.
  • Navigation permits.
  • Crew labor relations and contracts.
  • Environmental administrative procedures.
  • Port use authorizations and permits.