Corporate, Commercial and Compliance Law

Companies and businesses require a sound legal framework to legally operate. Transactions and business deals also required ad hoc legal documents prepared to support the agreements contained in them. Our legal expertise backs you up.
Our Firm provides advisory services to key industries and sector, offering knowledge and experience from our lawyers to fulfill requirements and legal needs from our clients, by drafting, reviewing or negotiating legal instruments -whether for internal use of the company- such as company board sessions, shareholder meetings, merger and acquisitions agreements, fusion and division of companies, joint venture agreements, strategic alliances, internal legal compliance and corporate government documents, as well as documents used outside of the company such as contracts, agreements, distribution and confidentiality agreements, just to name a few.
Our experience and knowledge is focused to prepare legal documents and negotiations that fully comply with applicable laws, thus ensuring that your business operates correctly, with no potential tax, administrative, legal and financial risks.