Practice Areas

At ELAN LEGAL we have the legal solution you are looking for. Our team is composed of highly specialized lawyers in our practice areas, which enable us to attend your case in a professional, efficient manner

We offer highly specialized knowledge in Mexican customs and international trade law, advisory and litigation, focusing on trade treaties signed by Mexico and avoiding tax and customs risks to your operations.
We devise legal strategies to defend your business against tax and administrative matters from government authorities, we analyze their determinations and actively litigate on your behalf against any tax or administrative resolution that affects you or is detrimental to your operations.
Our Firm developed this practice area as a response to inquiries from our clients and an unattended niche in the market, as importers and exporters alike face issues from shipping companies moving their goods overseas. Moreover, we have developed experience providing advisory in maritime matters to shipping companies alike for navigating the complexities of Mexican law.
As global markets develop further ties within each other, individuals and companies alike may have interests or economic activities in different parts of the world. Tax obligations are ineludible, but an international coherent legal framework has been developed and tax treaties exist, which give us legal tools to devise a strategy to defend your interests in these matters.
Companies and businesses require a sound legal framework to legally operate. Transactions and business deals also required ad hoc legal documents prepared to support the agreements contained in them. Our legal expertise backs you up.
We offer legal advisory regarding federal and local permits to be requested for operating your business or commercial venture in Mexico, or to defend your company in case an administrative fine is imposed.
Intellectual property (software, confidential commercial information, patents, trademarks, logos, etcetera) are part of a company´s assets and may be of vital importance to determine the prosperity or downfall of a business. Intellectual property is also present in international deals and subject to tax obligations.
Social security contributions and taxes (federal and local) impact business operations. Both are audited by Mexican tax authorities (SAT and IMSS) and are to be contemplated in any financial decision by businessowners.

Cross Border Transactions

Nowadays, people and companies conduct business internationally. Cross border transactions include outbound and inbound transfers of property, stock, or financial and commercial obligations between individuals and companies in different tax jurisdictions.

Labor Law

Companies would not exist without their workforce. Law regulate such relations in order to ensure a safe work environment, avoid abuses from both parties and to provide legal guidelines when work relations initiate or end.