Industries and sectors

Our legal team is composed by specialized lawyers who can advise and give the support you need according to your legal case. At ELAN LEGAL, we offer you bespoke attention tailored to your needs.
We advise companies and businesses navigate through foreign trade rules and support them to help them achieve their goals and correctly conduct their import and export operations in an integral and effective manner, at each step of the international trade process, according to their niche area.
We offer legal support in a honest and trustworthy manner to those individuals who wish to start a company or any business venture. We have the experience to advise you to start your commercial activities correctly.


Nowadays, we employ digital platforms for almost all our transactions on a daily basis, whether for buying groceries from the nearest convenience store up to importing goods from abroad, retaining services from professionals or offering our products to our clients. We have the legal expertise to help you with any issues that may arise from these activities.
We offer a full portfolio of legal services to maritime industries, yacht owners, maritime transport and ferry companies in Mexico, providing full coverage to our clients whether importing a vessel to our country, selling a boat, reviewing any charter contract, insurance claims, permits from Mexican authorities, among others.
The last 20 years have been of upmost importance to this sector in Mexico, as maquila operations have scaled due to the various trade agreements our country has celebrated in the global arena. We offer a full suit of advisory and litigation services to help automotive companies defend their interests in Mexico.
We have developed experience in real estate law by firsthand experiences, so rest assured we understand your needs when investing in Mexico. Our services range from partaking negotiations on your behalf, reviewing and drafting legal agreements and documents to support your operations, tax and social security advisory regarding the correct operation of your company, among others.
A relatively new area, social media has increased its breadth and exposure in Mexico in gigantic steps in the past few years. Influencers, or those who have sufficient influence on social media users, may need sound legal advice to conduct their activities in our country, as specific social media laws and regulation are scarce in Mexico. Legal implications do exist to social media platforms and users.
The textile industry depends, on the most part, on imports from abroad. Intellectual property theft, excessive customs regulations, tax audits and commercial barriers are some of the burdens that textile companies face. We are here to help you.
Sport event captivate people around the world. Players challenging each other are the center of sporting competitions, but sometimes circumstances arise that may give way to egal implications, such as sponsor controversies in allotted time for brand exposure, labor and immigration issues with players and teams, breach of exclusivity contracts, just to name a few. Our integral view of law, our passion for technology and our passion for gaming conjugate to give you a legal dream team.