Tax and Administrative Litigation

Lo hacemos personal.

Defendemos a nuestros clientes contra los actos de las autoridades fiscales, sean federales o locales. Nos involucramos en los casos a tal grado que los peleamos como si fueran nuestros.

We develop and implement legal strategies that allow our clients to obtain favorable resolutions to their tax credit determinations, fines and charges imposed by Mexican tax authorities, either by reducing their owed credits or by an annulment sentence of said tax and administrative determinations.

We actively participate along our clients in tax audits performed by administrative and tax authorities, analyzing each of the requests and strategically defending their postures against determinations from government authorities.

We also litigate matters before District Administrative Courts, Contentious Courts, the Federal Administrative Justice Court, Circuit Courts of Appeals and even the Supreme Justice Court of the Nation:

  • Tax audits
  • Representation and defense in annulment proceedings and amparo.
  • Litigation against federal and local tax determinations.
  • Litigation against customs tax determinations.