Labor Law

Companies would not exist without their workforce. Law regulate such relations in order to ensure a safe work environment, avoid abuses from both parties and to provide legal guidelines when work relations initiate or end.

Mexican labor law is worker-oriented by nature, providing protection to workers which might be interpreted, from a first review, as paternalistic and non-favorable to the employer. However, Mexican labor law and jurisprudence have evolved and provide a fair ground to both parties, workers and employers, to defend their interests, provided that they have good legal advisors.

Our Firm has developed experience defending employers against legal claims from past workers, thus ensuring that such claims do not affect a given company´s assets or financial stability. It is important to note, labor litigation is highly contentious and if conducted by the wrong hands, its results can be disastrous for a business.

We offer a full portfolio of solutions such as:

  • Labor litigation.
  • Legal representation in all the Mexican Republic.
  • Experience and favorable results in difficult labor litigation matters.